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Bernadette Dimitrov

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Bernadette Dimitrov

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Websites:   www.howcanibehappy.co


Bestseller Status: Confirmed


Bernadette Dimitrov is an Australian author, inspirational speaker, trainer, and workshop leader. She has appeared on TV, radio, and in print media in Australia and the USA.

As a podcast expert and trainer, she empowers entrepreneurs and businesses to find a new level of success and happiness through podcasting.  She has achieved this herself and is renowned as Mrs Claus; Australia’s festive authority (a childhood dream come true).

After a series of life knock downs, she discovered how to be happy no matter what. She discovered tools that transformed her life and lead her to go for her dreams. Today she inspires others to find happiness and go after their dreams too. Bernadette’s mission is to inspire and share tools and insights to live a happier professional and personal life. She says happier people create happier families, happier workplaces and workforces, happier communities, and ultimately a happier more peaceful world.