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Bonnie Gordon Patterino

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Bonnie Gordon Patterino

Germantown, Maryland, USA

Website:   www.gpsyourpath.com

Bestseller Status: Confirmed


Bonnie Gordon Patterino has been a Life Transformation Leader for thirty years. After graduating from Penn State, her fitness and wellness career blossomed from being Assistant Director at The White House Athletic Center to owning her private Wellness Spa and Life Purpose Coaching practice. Her creative teaching methods have helped thousands to live with positivity, insight, and vibrant health.


Her original GPS Your Path™ methods emphasize how to face and conquer fears, embrace self-worth, and develop an empowering lifestyle through love and passionate purpose. She has enhanced the lives of individuals and audiences who utilize her Energy Life Maps™ for clarity, and Energy Alignment Therapies™ for wellness.


Bonnie’s global mission is to teach her GPS methods to holistic practitioners who can then help their clients to find inner answers, self-heal and create a heart-centered life of abundance and joyful contribution.