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Cynthia P. Smith

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Cynthia P. Smith

Churchville, New York, USA

Website:  www.prime-connections.com 

Bestseller Status: Confirmed


Deemed as “the shy one” at her Mother’s knee, Cynthia P. Smith grew to examine and explore the possibilities and consequences of obtaining ‘prime connections’ with others. She learned that those who forge connections with certain people, places and things seemed to live more vibrant, passionate, purposeful and resilient lives.

Cynthia committed herself to creating ‘prime connections’ – those with purpose, quality and strength – for herself and she obtained amazing personal and professional results! Having experienced these benefits, she is helping to forge prime connections for others.

Cynthia is a trendsetter! She has an uncanny ability to suggest and create mutually beneficial collaborations from unlikely or reluctant people and groups, and is able to lead them into highly productive, cooperative collaborations.