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Diana Kendros Makeig

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Diana Kendros Makeig

Fairfield, Iowa, USA

Website:   www.hopeforlifementalhealth.org

Bestseller Status: Confirmed


Diana Kendros Makeig is a Best-Selling Author, Life Coach, Mental Health First Aid Certified, Executive Director of Hope for Life organization, increasing mental health awareness and suicide prevention.  

Hope for Life

As with many parents, the mental illness of my child led to advocacy. I founded Hope for Life in the spring of 2016 with the goal of giving families and individuals the education and tools needed to understand, cope with and recover from mental health disorders of all kinds, so no-one need suffer alone, without support or hope. Ninety percent of people who receive treatment (includes education) make progress toward recovery.

Hope for Life’s mission is to increase mental health awareness, provide education, teach suicide prevention and help decrease the stigma associated with mental health disorders, in communities nationwide.

Hope for Life partners with leading mental health educators and agencies, employers and dedicated national organizations to help fulfill a common mission. All of the education is free to participants and families. The organization brings mental health education, recovery and resilience training, and wellness workshops to schools, corporations, club, organizations and churches.

To deliver on our promise, Hope for Life relies solely on donations to cover our education and event expenses. This includes recruiting instructors around the country, purchasing class materials and books, conducting outreach and advertising, renting audio/visual equipment and covering venue rental.

We ask for your support in helping us to bring mental health education to everyone. We appreciate your consideration to have Hope for Life speak at your facility to help raise mental health awareness, suicide prevention and learn about the warning signs and signals and how to help when needed.