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Dr. Kimberli Law

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Dr. Kimberli Law

San Francisco, California, USA

Website:  www.ctcforwomen.com

Bestseller Status: Confirmed


Certified career coach and educator Dr. Kimberli Law is the founder of Career Transition Coaching For Women (CTC For Women), dedicated to helping women entrepreneurs achieve maximum success in their businesses.

CTC For Women helps established business owners — especially those who feel stuck, overwhelmed and confused about the next steps to take — grow their businesses to extraordinary levels of success by helping them maximize their talents and skills.

Throughout her career, Dr. Law has discovered that many women she encounters have brilliant business ideas, but they do not know where to begin to bring those ideas to life. At CTC For Women you will not only learn how to launch and grow your business, you will also learn strategies to grow it to extraordinary levels of success.

With over ten years of experience in leadership, professional speaking, and professional training for educators, business leaders, and clients, Dr. Law brings a unique set of skills to her work. She has dedicated her life to helping others persevere, succeed, and find balance in their lives and businesses. She looks forward to helping you, too.