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Dr. Randall Bell

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Dr. Randall Bell

Laguna Beach, California, USA

Website:   www.landmarkresearch.com

Bestseller Status: Confirmed


Dr. Randall Bell is the author of Real Estate Damages, which is published by the Appraisal Institute. He specializes in damage economics and valuation, including environmental, geotechnical, construction defects, natural disasters and eminent domain issues. He is experienced in complex valuation and diminution-in-value studies for government, corporations, oil and utility companies and property owners. He is licensed in various states and has testified as an expert in multiple courts.

Dr. Bell leads the Landmark Research Group, LLC. He served as the CEO of Bell Anderson and Sanders, LLC for 15 years and led the Real Estate Damages practice of Price Waterhouse, which later merged to become PricewaterhouseCoopers.

Dr. Bell consulted on the World Trade Center, the Flight 93 Crash Site, Hurricane Katrina, the BP Oil Spill, the Bikini Atoll Nuclear Test Sites, the Sargent Yokoi Cave in Guam, the San Bruno Pipeline Explosion, the Anniston Alabama spill, the Heaven’s Gate Mansion, the Canadian Government UXO site, the OJ Simpson Crime Scene, the Tulum Mexico Resort, the Sandy Hook School Shooting and many others. His career has been profiled by the Wall Street Journal, the Los Angeles Times, the Associated Press, The San Francisco Chronicle, People Magazine, and The Chicago Tribune and on various television broadcasts by all major networks and CNN. He has been quoted by USA Today, the New York Times, Harper’s Magazine, Time Magazine, and US News and World Report, as well as the media in Europe, Australia and Japan.