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Fariha Shah

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Fariha Shah

Toronto, Canada

Website:  www.linkedin.com/in/fariha-jafri-2bb05929

Bestseller Status: Confirmed


Fariha Shah is the owner and executive consultant of The Passion Practitioner, which provides creative consulting to individuals and organizations wanting to take charge of all aspects their lives and/or work environments and design them with all that ignites them with passion within them. Her background in personal development, philosophy, psychology, and political science with an emphasis on the cognitive neurological and biological basis of behavior helped lay the foundation for her unique method of helping clients live a fabulous life they create by their own design.

In addition to her two BA Honours degrees, she has completed a number of personal growth, training, development, and leadership courses, which she subsequently proceeded to coach, head-coach, and lead introductions to.

She currently also co-hosts a twice-weekly online radio talk show, “The Mani and Fariha Show,” where callers can benefit from her knowledge, expertise, and academic background. The guests of the show are specifically selected people who are living their passions and/or contributing to society in some manner, having overcome past adversities first hand.