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Giselle Shapiro

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Giselle Shapiro

Woodland Hills, California, USA

Website:  www.literarylaunch.com

Bestseller Status: Confirmed


Giselle Shapiro is a visionary leader working to create a new paradigm of leadership by boomer women. She is the founder of LiteraryLaunch.com, an online global community for boomer women writers, and is recognized for having researched and produced the manuscripts for the #1 best-selling books “Igniting Your True Purpose and Passion” and ”A Marketing Plan for Life” by marketing maven Robert Michael Fried.


Dedicated to creating a solution for boomer women disillusioned by Corporate America and the entertainment industry, Giselle is on a mission to put the spotlight on boomer women so the world can see them, hear their voices, and learn from them. “It will be their voices that will transform our world.”

Giselle is also an accomplished jazz singer and has performed her entire life. She is a proud recipient of NAACP Theatre Awards for her role as Satin Doll in the critically-acclaimed musical North on South Central Avenue.