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Gregory Cook

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Gregory Cook

Coeur D'Alene, Idaho, USA

Website:   www.gregorypcook.com

Bestseller Status: Confirmed


Gregory Cook is a retired US Air Force Colonel who flew global airlift and air refueling operational missions, commanded operational units at the squadron and group level, and completed three top-level Pentagon staff assignments.


Throughout his military career, Colonel Cook built a legacy of success in leading organizations and completing a myriad of complex tasks and missions.


From these experiences, Greg understands innately how leadership development, approaches, styles, and personalities impact and determine outcomes. He contends that success and personal effectiveness results from sound planning, continuous personal development, effective prioritization, and the building of interpersonal relations.


For the last 10 years, Greg has been engaged as an analyst, author, speaker, entrepreneur, consultant and coach specializing in personal and professional leadership development.


His “In Command” series of publications, presentations, and materials highlight how lessons learned from military experience can be applied to increase success in one’s life and business matters.