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Dr. Helena Steiner-Hornsteyn

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Dr. Helena Steiner-Hornsteyn

Sarasota, Florida, USA




Bestseller Status: Confirmed

Dr. Helena Steiner-Hornsteyn holds a doctorate of Divinity degree. She was the Founder and Chairman of the former Institute of Positive Living e.V. in Baden-Baden and Berlin, Germany and successfully conducted international seminars and workshop on human development. She is now the Founder of ACTIVALE, A Global Enterprise for Human Development and World Peace.

Dr. Helena Steiner-Hornsteyn, a native of Sweden, is known for her work throughout the world. She was born with the gift to intuitively see energy-fields inside and around the human body. As a child she could see energy waves flow out from people and how these wavelengths showed different patterns depending on how the person was feeling. She could also see "through" them and perceived their organs, and energy fields within them.

Since we are energy and energy never dies, she could perceive those on the other side, and have conversations with them. However, she thought everyone could do the same. She has the unusual ability to help you transform negative energies into positive ones.

Unaware that her unusual intuitive abilities were so extraordinary, Helena Steiner-Hornsteyn instead of using her God given gift, chose a variety of professions, married, was widowed, married again and divorced and in the process entered the glamorous lifestyle of an international socialite. She experienced many ups and downs in her life, but through many startling and lifesaving experiences she gradually went through a spiritual awakening and eventually began the career for which she was predestined.

Because of her love for music, she has devoted much of her spare time to worthwhile musical causes. She is the Founder and Chairman of the Symphony Guild of South Florida, a not for profit organization, that not only produced high quality musical events, but also provided college scholarships for exceptional students.

She also initiated and promoted international cultural exchange programs between American students and young people of other nations. She has founded two professional South Florida Symphony Orchestras: the Florida Festival Philharmonics with the Swedish Maestro Ulf Bjorlin as resident Music Director, and the Gold Coast Symphony Orchestra with Ottavio DeRosa as talented Maestro.

She was the founder and Director of the London office of Scandinavia Daily News. She was appointed Commercial negotiator in Eastern Europe by Parkland Research Europe SA of Brussels. She was also a successful freelance PR consultant in London and on the European continent and a Special Event producer of musical events in the United States. You to can be part of her motivational seminars, lectures, workshops or personal consultations.

Dr. Steiner-Hornsteyn is a talented artist and her paintings have received recognition in both America and Europe. She is the creator of Wonder-chaps comic strips, and the soft sculpture lovable Wonder-Doll®. Explore her art by this link. THE ARTIST.

Helena Steiner-Hornsteyn is the author of CONSTANT AWAKENING, where she describes how there is a divine plan for all of us- no matter who we are and where we live- and how we, ourselves, can find our divine plan. Use this link for more information about her book CONSTANT AWAKENING.

"At first I cried, then I laughed. Then I went home with new energy and wonderful optimism to rearrange my life. I believe I have been on a high ever since," said Patricia Johnson of New York after an inspirational lecture by Dr. Steiner-Hornsteyn.

"It is my mission to help you find your life’s purpose and direction for ultimate balance and harmony in your life. And as you begin to explore your inner self, you will discover not only your incredible potential but also dimensions within yourself that simply cannot be comprehended by human intellect or conventional technology. It is well beyond the limitations of words, yet it still exists".

Dr. Helena lectures in the US and internationally, and is respected for her integrity and sincerity. Many have reported that they have experienced spontaneous healing during her lectures.