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J. K. Chua

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J. K. Chua

Singapore, Singapore

Website:   www.JKCHUA.com

Bestseller Status: Confirmed


J. K. Chua worked in corporate America for twenty-six years. As a mentor, coach, and motivational speaker, he demonstrates passion, commitment, and perseverance to change people’s lives. After surviving life-threatening kidney cancer and liver hepatitis, his mission in life is to help people with programs to revitalize their body, reactivate their mind, and rejuvenate their soul so that they can live a great life! Visit www.StartMe.CareerFastStart.com for his free ebook.

Visit www.JKCHUA.com, www.HowToLiveAGreatLife.com, and www.CancerPreventionEveryDay.com  to be inspired.