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Jan Deelstra

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Jan Deelstra

South Jordan, Utah, USA

Website:   www.JanDeelstra.com

Bestseller Status: Confirmed

Avant-garde author, Jan Deelstra worked for over ten years at The Department of Human Services, until the trying position led her to open holistic gift store, Ruby Luna's Angel Emporium. There, Deelstra enjoyed the fruits of her entrepreneurial labors until 1997 when, after the sudden death of one of her three children, she chose to follow her heart to Southern California.

It was in San Diego, that Deelstra experienced perhaps the most personally-altering incarnation among the many of her lifetime. Paralyzed by sadness, and with a torrential mindful of outwardly unanswerable questions that bred as she searched for answers, Deelstra ultimately made a conscious decision to surrender. She allowed the repugnant mire of circumstances to immerse her in what she refers to as, "a morbid brine."

Denying herself the support of friends, family, or of society, Deelstra locked herself away for many months as she explored the depths of her darkness. She journeyed to the place of insanity. With an open, albeit furtive posture, she prodded the difficult questions. Finally, with information as her sword, she looked assertively into the face of dogma; and then she simply discarded it.

Newly baptized in personal empowerment, Deelstra exited the dense mire, determined to enlighten the masses about death, spirituality, angels, spirit guides, and the illusions of coincidences. Perhaps most importantly, she brings to light the lesson of universal oneness and connection to and between all.

A true "renaissance woman," Ms. Deelstra has worked at an array of interests. Her many incarnations include tending bar, telephone repair, massage therapy, non-profit CEO, and editor.

As a young single mother she supported her three children by participating in "traditional men's work," working as a licensed Teamster truck driver. When health issues forced her to leave the truck driving career, Deelstra once again changed gears. She returned to school, eventually becoming a counselor to the impoverished, and thanks to a wise mentor, discovered a special affinity for gestalt techniques which she still practices today.

"I learned a lot about my personal strength by working in a traditionally male field, as a Teamster," Deelstra says. "It was the hardest, and yet the most rewarding period of my life until I wrote Blessings in the Mire. Experiencing firsthand, and then having to re-live the painful emotions of losing my son in order to write about them was excruciatingly difficult. But harder still, was putting the miraculous events that followed his death into print. It was a horrific challenge, because there is great risk and a huge amount of fear in facing friends, family, and the public after they read this most candid memoir. I may as well be standing naked and reading from my diary; it's that personal. As a result of my writings, I feel incredibly vulnerable. It's not that I'm shy; I'm not. I just don't have an interest in being judged."

In addition to her passion for both writing and reading, Deelstra also has a love of decorating. She has earned degrees in interior decorating, and specializes in the ancient tradition of Feng Shui life flow (chi) of energy. She offers energy consultations to her gestalt group participants, to the public, and to clients in her real estate business.