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Jill Hendrickson

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Jill Hendrickson

Fresno, California, USA

Website:   www.jillhendrickson.com

Bestseller Status: Confirmed


After undergoing her own searing journey of escaping from domestic violence, then undergoing a lengthy and acrimonious divorce case, Jill Hendrickson specializes in helping women just like you turn your setback into your comeback.

Jill started her career as a journalist on Capitol Hill, was the first woman on the copy desk of The Japan Times newspaper, and also worked for the Associated Press and in radio and TV.

She lived for several years in a geisha district of Tokyo, then later with a cooking teacher in Florence, which became the basis for her book, “Weight Loss, Italian-Style!” She wrote another book, “Victim to Victory.”

Jill holds an advanced degree in writing from Columbia University and a certificate in natural healing from the Academy of Natural Healing in New York and has studied for more than a quarter of a century with enlightened masters from the east.

Her mission is to empower 1 million women worldwide to turn their setback into their comeback and their mess into their ultimate success!