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John Crossman

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John Crossman

Orlando, Florida, USA

Website:   www.crossmanco.com

Bestseller Status: Confirmed

Proactive advocate for young professionals and millennial entrepreneurs, John Crossman is nationally renowned for his series of lectures on millennial business coaching, among other things. He has now authored his bestseller, Career Killers/Career Builders: The Book Every Millennial Should Read, identifying 5 mistakes millennial professionals make, and 5 success strategies they should adopt in order to thrive professionally. The book is an extension of his lecture series and brings his ideas to a wider demographic of young professionals around the globe. With this book, budding professionals, college students and even seasoned professionals can learn what choices to avoid for a wholesome and fulfilling career journey.

Many have dubbed Career Killers/Career Builders a must-read millennial business guide. Targeted at, but not limited to young professionals, the book includes valuable advice that will help every professional who wants to excel by avoiding pitfalls. According to Crossman, there is an immense need for millennial business coaching on a national level, which is why he has been vocal about the topic and has dedicated many years of his life towards it.

John M. Crossman is recognized nationally as a writer and speaker. While he is known for his work towards empowering and mentoring young professionals, he is currently also the CEO of his real estate firm Crossman & Company. He has led the company to become one of the Southeast’s largest real estate firms. His prior business endeavors include a widely successful tenure with Trammell Crow Company. Crossman has over 20 years of professional experience and has successfully completed transactions worth more than $1 Billion collectively.

Throughout his career not only has Crossman gained extensive business expertise, he has also been extremely geared towards community service and educational initiatives. Due to his commendable career achievements and his nationally recognized work as an author and career mentor, Crossman has received various accolades. Some of his awards include: In 2013, he was youngest person ever named to Florida State University College of Business Hall of Fame; he was the 2016 United Negro College Fund Champion of Education and most recently, he was the 2018 Orlando Business Journal CEO of the Year.

John M. Crossman is available for interviews.

Career Killers/Career Builders: The Book Every Millennial Should Read is now available on Amazon.com.