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Leticia Fuerte

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Leticia Fuerte

Phoenix, Arizona, USA

Website: www.leticiafuerte.com         

Bestseller Status: Confirmed


For someone to start with meditation, they just need to say, “Yes, I want to change.  Yes, I want help.”  I have recorded guided meditations that are very simple to use.  You just play it on a CD or a computer, whatever you have, and just allow my voice to direct you how to do it.  You could cry.  You could feel emotional; that’s fine.  You only have to have intention to allow divine help and healing. 


There are some women who have come to me with domestic violence.  They don’t want to leave their husbands yet, they want their lives to change but they don’t believe it can be possible. Then, after the first session, give themselves the chance to believe that there is a way that God can give you help…I’m not sure how to explain, but the most important thing for beginning is to believe and to have the intention that it is possible, that there is hope.