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Lisa Marie Platske

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Lisa Marie Platske

Alexandria, Virginia, USA




Bestseller Status: Confirmed


Lisa Marie Platske left her action-packed life as a Federal law-enforcement officer to become CEO of an international leadership training and consulting company, Upside Thinking, Inc.

An award-winning leadership expert, Lisa Marie creates effective leaders. She takes her law enforcement journey, which began on the piers of New York and ended post 9/11, and shares with you what exceptional leaders do differently, why connection is the new currency, and how to position yourself strategically for big opportunities.

A certified master coach, Lisa Marie has worked with  multi-million dollar entrepreneurs, non-profit leaders, and start-ups from three continents and in 20+ different industries, on how to position themselves as an expert in their fields. Her proven success strategies have resulted in her clients getting six-figure opportunities, tripling their income,  securing bonuses and promotions, and finding up to 21 extra hours in each work week.

The author of Designing Your Destiny and Connection: The New Currency , Lisa Marie lives in Alexandria, Virginia with her loving and supportive husband, Jim.