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Dr. Lisa Turner

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Dr. Lisa Turner

Bordon, Hampshire, United Kingdom

Website: www.psycademy.co.uk

Bestseller Status: Confirmed


Dr. Lisa Turner, a Master Spiritual Trainer, founded Psycademy in 2004 to train the most successful and empowering intuitive coaches on the planet.


With a phenomenal 95% success rate with clients, her Certified Spiritual Practitioner graduates are highly sought after, often going on to earn over six figures as High Level Psychics within a year of graduating.


Lisa teaches people how to harness their sexual energy to make them more powerful, productive, and irresistible. Going way beyond simply having better sex and better relationships—although it does this too—transmuting sexual energy uses some powerful and highly secret esoteric energy practices that literally attract good things into your life.


With a background and a PhD in science, she underpins all her spiritual teaching with practicality, and only uses what works and is repeatable. With Lisa, you’re entering the No-Fluff zone. Lisa is also a Certified Trainer of NLP, Hypnotherapy, Time Line Therapy, NLP Coaching, an instructor of Tantra, and initiate of too many spiritual schools to mention.