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Luc Goulet

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Luc Goulet

Magog, Quebec, Canada

Website:  www.TheBigBangProject.com

Bestseller Status: Confirmed

At age 15, author Luc Goulet used self-hypnosis to rid himself of a severe stutter he had endured every year prior. It was at this moment that he made a promise to himself: help people be the best they can be and spread the word that anything can be changed.

Goulet brings his message of change and hope to readers in his new inspirational book, “The Big Bang Project” (published by iUniverse), in which he provides readers with the blueprint for a brighter future for mankind.

“The Big Bang Project” provides an analysis of how today’s individuals and society can evolve, as well as how democracy and capitalism can be better implemented. Goulet believes people are living in the “Me, Myself and I” era, an era he believes will see mankind spiraling downward if it isn’t remedied.

Goulet’s book provides advice on how to deal with topics as small as individual growth and as large as religious peace, with the intention to act as an action plan for all of mankind. Goulet also has an active website, http://www.thebigbangproject.com, which he uses to answer questions and have real-time discussions with users. He hopes the combination of his website and book will result in a positive change and a step forward for society as a whole.