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Margaret Reece

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Margaret Reece

Spalding, Lincolnshire, United Kingdom

Email:  MargaretReece2016@gmail.com

Bestseller Status: Confirmed

Margaret Reece, is passionate about helping those who cannot see an end to their struggle: Complex PTSD is no longer a life sentence, as it was in the 60s. Her book, Hope Restored: a guide to embracing the storms of Complex PTSD is being published in 2019.

A UK academic publisher has expressed interest in publishing Margaret's research, which compares diagnoses and subsequent treatment in the 1960s with that of the                                                                                            present day.

Margaret is an international speaker on C-PTSD and also the UK ambassador for the Reset Therapy Centre in the US.

Having lived with Complex PTSD for most of her life, Margaret intends to complement her first-hand experience with knowledge accumulated from courses with leading experts in trauma to create a safe place for those who feel misunderstood, disconnected from themselves, others and God, as a result of lack of appropriate nurture in their childhood.

Margaret obtained a BA Hons in French studies at Warwick University as a mature student. She has worked as a professional freelance editor for the past twenty years.