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Mary Ernsberger

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Mary Ernsberger

Erwin, Tennessee, USA

Website:  www.NaturesSimpleRemedies.com

Bestseller Status: Confirmed

Mary M. Ernsberger has traveled a path that has had its share of bumps and curves but through out all the experiences along the way, one thing has been consistent and that is her desire to provide service to children who are unable to fit into the typical public school educational box either because of a "diagnosis" or learning label or simply because they learn differently than the way the teacher is presenting the information. Whether it be through the restoration of self-esteem and the removal of troublesome labels; to restore whole child health and wellness; through curriculum design - by providing educational materials that fit the way the child learns; or through revamping the classroom or administrative side of primary and secondary education, it has always been about creating the right connection. A Whole Child Learning Connection - to bridge the gap in educational opportunities for all students.

As a holistic healthcare provider, Mary provided services to children and families, especially those that had been labeled with childhood diagnosed mental, emotional and behavioral disorders. Her mission has evolved to empower all students, regardless of past, present or future circumstance, with the desire to reach their highest potential. The path taken to reach that goal may be rough at times, but with full support, collaboration with family, friends, and community, as well as bringing the focus around to personal strengths, that same path will lead them to success.

Mary received her Bachelor's of Science in Health & Wellness from Kaplan University, in April 2012, and her Master's in Education, specializing in Curriculum and Instruction, from American InterContinental University Online, in March 2013.

Mary wrote "Plants vs Pills" to help other parents who had or were currently experiencing the same pressure that was placed on her by the public school system to drug her youngest son after he was diagnosed with ADHD. Not liking the way these controlled substances changed her son's behavior, she went back to school to learn of natural alternatives to the drugging of our country's youth.

Mary is also the author of "Recognizing The Greatness In Each Child," which addresses the need to identify each child's personal learning style, along with that of his or her parent(s) and the primary educator in their life. Remember - Learning Differently Doesn't Mean Learning Disabled.

She is a public speaker and founder of Whole Child Learning Connections.