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Marycarol Ross

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Marycarol Ross

Carlsbad, California, USA

Website:  www.marycarolross.com

Bestseller Status: Confirmed

Marycarol Ross is a former legal corporate international road warrior. She served more than twenty-five years in the corporate world before stepping into her true calling and creating an innovative type of healing in Spiritual Archaeology. At a very young age, Marycarol discovered she could see, feel, and read people’s emotions and traumas from their past and present. She can see into a physical body and the emotional body; she views the issues, emotions, and blocks within that are in need of healing.

Marycarol hid her true gifts behind anger, fear, and resentment, which caused her to choose the wrong path at almost every opportunity. She walked a long hard road, and experienced many difficulties in her thoughts, decisions, actions, and inactions. Marycarol self-medicated with food, toxic relationships, and retail therapy as she attempted to make herself feel whole and loved. It was not until she realized she needed to heal the source of her pain that she finally freed herself from self-destructive habits and actions.

Marycarol began the Spiritual Archaeology journey of exploring and healing, which helped her uncover who she truly is and who she came here to be in this lifetime. During this journey, she discovered she had a tremendous connection to the spiritual side of life along with medium abilities. A near-death experience was the catalyst to enable her to move from the Earth plane and the spiritual world with frequency and ease.

The first part of her life was full of wrong choices, hard lessons, tears, sorrow, and pain. Gradually with her spiritual work, it became a path of soul as well as personal growth, forgiveness, and acceptance. Along the way, Marycarol perfected her techniques, uncovered many hidden talents, and developed gifts that allow her to help and heal people, animals, and the planet.

Marycarol Ross holds certifications as a Medical Intuitive, Professional Life Coach, Career Intuitive, Hypnotist, Past Life Regression Therapist, Master Intuitive, Crystalline Healing Master, Medium, Transitional Therapist, and Mediator.