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Patti Fagan

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Patti Fagan

Pebble Beach, California, USA

Website:  www.pattifagan.com

Bestseller Status: Confirmed


Patti Fagan is a financial advisor in service to women.  She is considered an expert on Women, Money and Retirement. Patti has owned and operated her independent insurance and financial services agency for over nine years, helping women achieve financial security for their retirement years. Audiences of professional women from various backgrounds, ranging from school teachers, dentists, and small business owners to financial advisors and school administrators, rave about Patti’s seminars on topics such as: Understanding Your Cal-STRS (CA State Teachers Retirement System), Growing Your Circle of Wealth, Tax-Free Retirement, The Unique Financial Challenges Women Face in Retirement, Women, Money & Power.

Patti holds dual certifications as a money coach. She’s certified with the International Association of Women in Business Coaching and is a member of the National Association of Insurance & Financial Advisors.

Additionally, Patti mentors other financial professionals and is one of a select group of advisors in the country who are certified and authorized to provide retirement planning in public school districts.

As a blogger, coach and writer, Patti is passionate about empowering women with their money mindset because she wants every woman to be financially secure, both now and in their retirement years. Her vision is for every woman to heal her relationship with money and own her economic power so that she can learn to be financially literate and confident. Ultimately, Patti believes that knowledge is power and that every woman has the capacity, intelligence and strength to to rule her own financial affairs. She loves inspiring financial professionals to embrace this concept, too.