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Peter Nicado

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Peter Nicado

Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

Website: www.keynotespeternicado.com

Bestseller Status: Confirmed


No money, no connections and no command of the English language did not thwart Peter Nicado from becoming a successful entrepreneur. In his bestseller, The Winner's Mindset, Peters recounts his life after arriving in America. He went from working as a factory laborer in Louisville, Kentucky earning $6.25 per hour to a successful entrepreneur. Peter is now the founder of 8 real estate and mortgage companies, 6 in California and 2 in Florida. Applying the principles that Peter teaches, he went from the bottom to the TOP.

Human beings naturally desire to expand their horizons and excel at what they do. From results of various studies that Peter has seen, roughly five people out of 100 (5%) achieve a high level of success in their professional and personal lives - even when goals are deliberately set. Sadly, the other 95 percent never manifest their aspirations even though they have the same potential to achieve success as the achievers do. Through Peter's own experiences, he can help you step by step to unlock your full potential and launch the most productive and prosperous years of your life.