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Raymond Perras

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Raymond Perras

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Website:  www.aimforlifemastery.com

Bestseller Status: Confirmed


Raymond Perras is a peak performance coach. His Peak Performance Coaching Program is designed to help clients raise their awareness and skills in getting the best out of themselves and those around them. His unique AïM™ program for Peak Performance Coaching proves to be very effective in developing life mastery.


Through his facilitation and coaching experience, Raymond has acted as a leader and partner to help clients focus on the possibilities brought about by transformation and change management in the area of modern leadership. In his first book, AïM for Life Mastery, he provided a step-by-step process to enable anyone to create peak performance in their daily routine. In his latest book, 10 Discussions for Effective Leadership, he has addressed some elements of leadership that can help a person exceed expectations while leading a team. The message for Ready, Aim, Captivate is based directly on the principles of these two books.