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Roberta Goodman

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Roberta Goodman

Holualoa, Hawaii, USA

Website:  www.wilddolphinshawaii.com

Bestseller Status: Confirmed


Roberta Goodman escorts guests into a new human dolphin culture evolving around the world. On her wild dolphin swim boat trips, Roberta brings her clients into the midst of the spinner dolphin pods through an online journaling community, imparting knowledge, and establishing respect for the dolphins. Clients receive tips, techniques, and guidelines for entering the water with the pods.


Her dolphin secrets are revealed, tuning in to communication with the dolphins. Guests experience an endless stream of natural behaviors and games from breathtaking numbers of dolphins in close proximity. Some guests conquer a fear of deep water for the reward of watching dolphins play right under them as they float calmly on the surface. Other guests go on the swim of a lifetime, keeping a slow pace along the shore within a pod of frolicking dolphins.


Roberta’s career began in 1980, when she found dolphin mentors, and became a research assistant. She spent five years exploring dolphin communication. As Research Director for the renowned Dr. John Lilly, she began the release effort with the Human/Dolphin Foundation’s dolphins, Joe and Rosie. Since 1985, Roberta has spent many more hours with the dolphins, only in the wild. Her communication research continues during daily trips into the pods in Hawaii.


Through stories of both captive and wild dolphins, Roberta demonstrates the reasoning behind considering cetaceans as persons with culture, sentience, exceptional intelligence, and rights. One day she says we will all understand the wisdom of the dolphins as we now understand the wisdom of indigenous peoples.

Roberta’s vision is to combine her captive and wild dolphin knowledge and experience a center for re-adaptation of previously captive dolphins back to the sea. Tanks to the Sea is her long-term rehabilitation, research, and documentation project. Roberta has been featured in numerous books. She has an amazing and unique life and purpose.