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Rose Sheehan

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Rose Sheehan

Miami, Florida, USA

Website:  www.theultimategoldensuccesssystem.com

Bestseller Status: Confirmed


Rose Sheehan is a philanthropist, business owner, business mentor, world traveler, speaker and author.

She has an MBA Specializing in Corporate Management and International Business. She previously worked in Corporate America for over two decades managing high performance teams developing and delivering vital lifesaving products and therapies to the world.

While driving home from work late one evening, she was hit by a drunk driver. During her recovery from this near-fatal accident, which left her incapacitated during the years of this latest economic crash, she lost everything – her job, her life-savings and her home. Since then, she has created her businesses.

For the past several years, she has been primarily focused on helping people and businesses recover from the after effects of this economic disaster. A portion of all of her business revenues fund programs serving Veterans, Foster Youth, and At-Risk Families.