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Sharon Lee

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Sharon Lee

San Mateo, California, USA

Email:  SharonLee@me.com 
Bestseller Status: Confirmed


No More Mr. Nice Guy. Itís time to take back your power. Unleash your super powers and master success. My name is Sharon Lee. Iím an entrepreneur, mother, spiritual seeker, intuitive counselor, product designer, business coach, artist, writer, event producer, and world traveler. Iíve had a very colorful life. Iíve practiced success and miracles in this life and I feel it in my body that I understand the mechanics of success, and I hope that I can show you how you can master success in your life.

If you are drawn to my story, I am inviting you to have a Master Success Breakthrough Session with me, as a gift. I am not sure how many I will reach, but itís my intention to be able to help you with Divine Guidance and Timing.