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Susanne Whited

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Susanne Whited

Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA

Website:   https://twitter.com/MyBusinessTwit

Bestseller Status: Confirmed


Although she was paralyzed in an automobile accident as a young mother, disabled is not a word you would use to describe Susanne Whited. Her can-do attitude propels her to take on challenges such as coaching children’s soccer from a wheelchair and starting her own business after losing a job she loved.

Susanne is passionate about inspiring small business owners to pause for a moment and to fully design their dream business model. She then guides them on the journey to realize their business vision.

Based in Colorado, Susanne is a frequent guest on radio and television programs. She has been featured on podcasts and other expert interview venues and she regularly addresses groups as an inspirational speaker and marketing “How-to” strategist. Follow her adventures on  https://twitter.com/MyBusinessTwit