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Tracy Elman

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Tracy Elman

Los Angeles, California, USA

Websites:    www.TracyElmanBooks.com


Bestseller Status: Confirmed


Tracy Elman is a multi-talented Award Winning, Best-Selling, Author, Storyteller and Narrator. Tracy takes you on a captivating journey, while keeping you riveted with every word she speaks.

Born acting, singing and writing as a child, schooling with well known celebs.  She is currently active in radio, television, and film. Tracy is gifted with a voice that is Unique, Versatile & Compelling. Tracy's voice is telling the story, making words come ALIVE!

Tracy is an engaging vibrant storyteller. She is versatile and knowledgeable in many areas. Her confident professionalism and friendly demeanor make working with her on any project effortless. A genuine hard worker full of high energy and insight into what is needed to make any endeavor successful.

Her voice has been featured in the award winning Santa's Snowy Adventure and the award winning Robby's Quest series by DC Rush where she voiced over 65 characters.