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Zeina G. el-Aswad

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Zeina G. el-Aswad

Spring, Texas, USA

Websites:    www.zeinaghossoub.com 


Bestseller Status: Confirmed


Zeina G. el-Aswad is the founder, owner, head clinical dietician, a Personal, Wellness and Executive Coach, and a PCC (Professional Certified Coach from the International Coach Federation) at Vie Saine. In French, Vie Saine means “healthy life.” It’s a health center like none other. It was developed in March of 2000, and since then it has continually grown and diversified to offer the most incredible services possible.


The basic philosophy is, “Together we can make a difference.”  No other center stresses this point as Zeina’s does. She believes that the approach to any problem, medical condition, or issue is a team effort. It’s a combination of your input, her experience, and that of her team. It takes your effort and her guidance to help you to achieve your goals and objectives.