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Adriana Ellis

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
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I’m Adriana Ellis, and I believe that life is meant to be Joyful! I am a Certified Elite Life Coach and a Certified Law of Attraction Practitioner.

I, too, have been at a point where I was overweight, my energy was low, my family was in big financial debt and was just existing. It was all I could do to go from day to day.

After extensive learning and searching, I have found the solution weight loss without dieting, taking pills, or eating “program food and products,” and I can help you find the solution as well.

There is hope if you are feeling down, blah, or just thinking there has got to be more to life – because there is! I can help you finally get in touch with yourself and help you discover how to take back your own power and get the life and the weight you want. Let me help you achieve your Dreams.

I am also a dedicated Wife and Mother.