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Aisha Isreal

Chicago, Illinois, USA
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Aisha Isreal is a Life Coach, Speaker and the Author of End of Silent Suffering, a powerful and life-changing collection of stories, t​old by individuals who have experienced life with a sex addict. Aisha spent many years married to a sex addict, in which she internalized her own pain. Her trials in her marriage helped her gain strength, understanding and the ability to overcome. Her book is a must read for both people who have experienced this predicament and those who are interested in the concept of love, acceptance and triumph.

Aisha hold a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Master’s degree in Education. She has spent over 20 years working with families as a relationship expert and coach. Aisha speaks to men and women at workshops, classes and universities throughout the country about the foundations of unconditional love and the cycle of forgiveness.

Aisha aims to educate the masses, but especially the victim. “I want to empower people who may have fallen in love with a sex addict,” says Aisha, ” I wrote this book to provide an insight into the world of these individuals. My vision is to add clarity about their situation and also alleviate the burdens they carry.”