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Allura Adelson

Vero Beach, Florida, USA
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Allura Adelson is dedicated to helping women who have given their power away through heartbreak, grief, and disappointment, or simply the stresses of daily pressures, to regain confidence, self-esteem, and let their empowered inner Goddess fly free! Through her Divine Healing work she has not only helped clients one-on-one, but through the 120+ products she’s created — products for physical healing, emotional freedom, and spiritual growth, with her Drops, Mists, and more. She also authored the book, Let Your Goddess Shine Through!

A meditation teacher for 40+ years, Allura found that, after weathering a series of devastating events in 2003, all Heaven rained down upon her as her new healing gifts opened. She has worked with the Divine and with high-level healers since then.

She has been certified in: Mastery of Divine Energies; Mastery of Compassionate Healing; Master Level Grace Healer; Master Level Regenerate Healer; Ultra High Frequency Energy Healing Master; Peace Process Master; Extraordinary Coach, has studied Quantum Touch, Seraphim Blueprint, and is continually learning more to help you.

An experienced speaker, Allura created, produced, and hosted her own Internet interview show, Finding Your Bliss After 50, has appeared on the All Things Spiritual Tele-Summit, the Shopping for the Real You Show and other podcasts, and created and produced The Awakening Entrepreneur Summit.

Allura is a Divine Energy Healer, specializing in helping you release blocks, repair damage done by those careless and thoughtless of you, and uplevel your frequency to help you recognize that you truly are a goddess.