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Anna Michael Krista

Peachland, British Columbia, Canada
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Love like a new puppy is the essential instruction for the full spiritual embodiment that Anna Michael Krista helps people to achieve. Everything you need to start feeling, sensing, talking to in your language, and being physically guided by I AM, your Creator parents, is in her book, Christ is not a Christian: How to Embody Anna and Michael Christ. She doesn’t show her picture here because you don’t need to see it; the words that ring true to you in her book are the ones that will guide you.

As you read the book, download your free I AM a Creator Workbook, a companion guide to Christ is not a Christian, at www.thewayofalive.org. You don’t have to give your email to get it. Anna and Michael Christ are like that. Coercion and manipulation are not their way! They invite, encourage, and love you all the way through, but the way they speak to you is determined only by your choices. It is all up to you to co-create your future with them.

That future can save our planet. By embodying the Divine wizardry of Anna and Michael Christ, many people working together can co-create the vast array of technical, agricultural, educational and monetary strategies that can turn this planet’s severe problems into treasures.

Anna Michael Krista pioneered this uncharted path the hard way, so that you don’t have to. Her role is to make you believe that this is possible, even though you and she are imperfect; and further, to believe that more than this is possible. She turns the mesmerizing stories of courage and Love in her arduous and adventurous spiritual journey into specific instructions so that you can radically upgrade your communication with I AM faster, simpler and with a lot more fun.

By choosing actions that support these instructions, others have achieved previously unheard-of results: hearing, sensing, and even being moved, vocally and physically, by Anna and Michael Christ. While reading the book has been described as an evolution of consciousness in and of itself, we encourage you to take action. Try it out. Only by experiencing will you believe.