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Ariel Lexina Adams

Berkeley, California, USA
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Ariel Lexina Adams is a marriage and family therapist, teacher, and speaker who was born with a question: “What am I? Why am I here?” This question led her to study literature at Reed College, where topics like “What is it to be human?” were batted about in seminars. Then she got her master’s degree in English literature at Cornell. Ariel’s life-question led her to Berkeley, Paris, Madrid, New York, and back to Berkeley, where she studied with Dr. Claudio Naranjo. His group explored her question big time, with Zen meditation, Sufi stories, Gestalt therapy, the Enneagram, and the Gurdjieff movements, among other modalities. Ariel became a group leader and led groups in Berkeley, New York, Pittsburgh, and Boston.

She loved Gestalt, which lets people express the many characters within—carping critic, dumb blob, brilliant leader, seductress—and this interest led her to study improv in Boston and San Francisco, and later to become a drama therapist.

Ariel fell in love with theater games as a way to tap into creativity and developed Assertiveness Through Drama groups, for people who wanted to express themselves but were too shy, and The Fifth Act workshop, in which participants used drama, costumes, and masks to step into the self they wanted to become. She now offers Ageless Pizazz!® empowerment groups for women forty-seven and up. She’s the author of Ageless Pizazz: Nine Secrets for Turning Up Your Oomph, Having More Fun, and Being More Powerful as You Get Older.