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Barbara Ziegler

Sorrento, British Columbia, Canada

Bestseller Status: Confirmed

It is time we each realize our limiting self-definitions and identifications with culture, family, religion, spirituality, material possessions, money, and purpose have been programmed and are not who we really are. We will change our collective reality and experience by redefining it first. The time is NOW! Our individual purpose is to pull down our walls of limitation that separate us from our natural state of consciousness, of being who we are, will always be, and have always been.

The change that will free us from our victimization is to comprehend who we are as multi-dimensional beings, whose core is sovereignty in our human expression. We will come to understand that we are indeed united in oneness, equality, and truth. We will know our true infinite nature and EVERY ONE of us is equal in this state. We as humanity shall stand up as ONE BEING, and the impetus to hurt, destroy, be intrusive, or cause harm to any other being will be vanquished as we collectively create our world with these understandings.