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Candace Asher

Nashville, Tennessee, USA
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Candace Asher, founder of Relentless Resilience, is a corporate trainer, an internationally acclaimed recording artist/songwriter, and an “in the trenches” Resilience Expert. Having beaten tremendous odds surviving abusive foster homes, rape, a flood, being on welfare, divorce, and unemployment, Candace is on a mission to help other people bounce back.

Using insightful stories with uplifting inspirational songs, Candace’s thought-provoking programs provide real life applications. Meet Candace and enjoy a some of her great songs on her website.

Candace is a spiritual guide, award-winning author, and transformational book coach whose spot-on guidance transforms the lives of visionary entrepreneurs and authors around the world. Her passion is fueled by her own transformation when, after much success as an entrepreneur, she found herself curled up in a ball on the floor sobbing because she had lost it all. Letting go of the last shred of stability and security in her life was when she discovered her authentic TRUTH, and the blessings began to flow…