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Candy King and Dan Allnoch

Manzanillo, Mexico
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With Candy King’s personal tale serving as the book’s Introduction, readers get a firsthand look at what persuaded the couple to permanently shift their residence to Manzanillo. After Candy and her travel agent messed up her vacation reservations, Candy and Dan landed in Manzanillo not knowing what to expect. But the local culture, beauty, and weather made them more than happy they were there. This happy little accident led to them permanently moving to Manzanillo and starting a journey that has created hundreds of comrades.

After landing in Manzanillo, the duo never looked back. They joined the expat community in Manzanillo and also made treasured connections with the locals, learned about the culture, language, and traditions straight from the source, while forming life-long relationships that have shaped their lives into what it is today.