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Chantay Bridges

Beverly Hills, California, USA
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Chantay Bridges has worked with a vast amount of celebrities, political and business philanthropists throughout the years. In addition to her flourishing real estate career, she has been involved as a talent coordinator in the entertainment industry for over 15 years. She has personally worked with Oprah Winfrey, Donald Trump, former United States president Bill Clinton and many, many, more.

A life-long Los Angeles resident, extremely versed in the housing industry, neighborhoods and overall real estate market.

As a Christian, her morals and values extend to every client she meets. She believes in honoring God and honoring others. This passion has helped her to become a favorite from coast to coast. Chantay gives her time in service to those who are less fortunate. She has been a community advocate and volunteer numerous years and counting. One of her favorite pass times is home staging and decor. Mrs. Bridges is married to a wonderful man that melts her heart away. A native Californian, she knows Los Angeles, inside and out. It’s just like her to want to say “thank you” for reaching out and stopping by her website today!