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Deanna Ford

Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada
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Deanna Ford is passionate about personal expression of all kinds. As well as being an author and speaker, she is a musician and a filmmaker. Deanna loves helping others find their unique voice so they, too, can communicate about topics they feel are important.

Today, Deanna’s areas of focus include coaching, training and speaking about presentation skills. She shares skills, knowledge and strategies she’s gained from over 35 years of experience in preparing for and stepping out in front of hundreds of audiences. She also speaks about the environment and her love of nature and especially birds.

While completing a Master in Environmental Studies degree, Deanna made a short documentary film about bird-window collisions for the Toronto organization Fatal Light Awareness Program. The film screened at the 8th International Planet in Focus Environmental Film Festival. Since then she has cofounded the Thunder Bay Environmental Film Festival and the International Environmental Communication Association.

Deanna also plays the trumpet and holds a Bachelor of Music degree. She spent 25 years in the Canadian Forces Music Branch (Reserves) performing across Canada and internationally. For nine of those years, she held a full-time position as the conductor of one of the Canadian Forces’ volunteer military bands.

Deanna strives to help create a world where respect exists between all people and for the natural environment. She believes that skills in respectful communication are critical to this success. One of her goals is to help people express themselves capably, comfortably and confidently.