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Debora Hollick

High River, Alberta, Canada
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Debora Hollick, The Smash Through Mentor and Intuitive Consultant, has a very diverse background. She currently owns an established marketing business and is a consultant, serving individuals and corporate clients. She is recognized as a talented, effective, inspirational trainer, motivational speaker and coach, having developed and facilitated seminars, workshops and programs, delivered throughout North America.

Debora enjoys and is highly effective in helping her clients “smash through” what might be holding them apart from getting to where they want to be, with a fun, direct approach. To quote one client, “She has a talent that allows a person to open up to new ideas and viewpoints while examining obstacles and challenges that have been keeping them “stuck”. When she works with you, ideas seem to burst from her, making the experience fun and inspiring. Personally speaking, whenever I have a session with Debora, I come away feeling energized and empowered.”