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Dr. Gina Hiatt

Reston, Virginia, USA
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Dr. Gina Hiatt is a clinical psychologist. She received her undergraduate degree in psychology from the University of Pennsylvania, graduating Summa Cum Laude in 1973, and she was one of only twelve people inducted into Phi Beta Kappa in her junior year at Pennsylvania. She received her Ph.D. from McGill University and did her postdoctoral year at UCLA.

Gina is also the president of Finish Agent, Inc., a company that provides both innovative client-accountability software and a psychologically-based system that ensures client retention and success. It is a full-service software that provides such features as a daily progress grid where participants answer customized questions and get daily responses from other small group members, coaching comments, a forum, progress graphs, chat rooms, and content pages for class information. It is thrilling for coaches to see their clients form bonds with each other, support each other, and succeed.

Gina first created this software system in her other business, Academic Ladder, Inc., to help her academic clients (graduate students and professors) who were struggling with procrastination on long-term writing projects. She had phenomenal success—her system became a membership site (the Academic Writing Club) with over four hundred members, which provides recurring income for her, and raving fans who stay for years. Last year she made over $350,000 in mostly passive income from the Club.

Now, with Finish Agent, she is licensing this same system so that coaches can reproduce her success and have thrilled clients and recurring, predictable, leveraged, and passive income.