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Jennifer S. Wilkov

Brooklyn, New York, USA
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Jennifer S. Wilkov is a media personality, host and producer of the popular radio talk show “Your Book Is Your Hook!” on WomensRadio.com.

Jennifer is a best-selling award-winning author who has been published five times, an award-winning freelance writer and a respected book business consultant in her business by the same name, “Your Book Is Your Hook!”

She has both self-published and been published by a traditional publisher. She created the From Thought to Sales in 90 DaysTM book process which she developed while writing, marketing and publishing her best-selling book, Dating Your Money: How to Build a Long-Lasting Relationship with Your Money in 8 Easy Steps.

Jennifer supports first time and seasoned authors and writers with the writing, getting published and marketing of their book ideas and projects as well as the building of their platform to raise their visibility to readers and the media. She teaches simple strategies to tweet, post and find followers and connections for authors, business and media professionals and others to build their marketing platform and expand the reach of their book, business or project while they attend to their jobs, families and personal lives.

Specific how-to tips from her book, The Green Guide Girls: Guide to Book Publishing which she published, produced and co-wrote with the founder of Plant A Tree USATM about environmentally friendly book publishing, can be found in the “How to Go Green” series on PlanetGreen.com, a Discovery Company website and originally appeared on and were endorsed by Treehugger.com.

She is also an award-winning freelance writer (2009 Silver Eddie Award for article featured in Marie Claire April 2009 issue) who has been quoted and whose writings have appeared in national magazines and newspapers.

As the host of the “Your Book Is Your Hook!” # 1 radio talk show on WomensRadio.com, Jennifer provides thousands of authors and writers each week with interviews with industry professionals, published authors and insights about what they need to know to make their book their “hook.”

Jennifer has sat on Boards of Advisors and spoken at major industry events including the New York Center for Independent Publishing, the American Society of Journalists and Authors and Book Expo America.

Through the years, Jennifer’s works have been endorsed by Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, Robert Allen, Barbara De Angelis, Alex Mandossian, Treehugger.com, publicists, literary agents, publishers, many in the field of green book publishing, her martial arts Senseis in Shintaido and Aikido, and many more.