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Joanne Jaworski

Rochester, New York, USA
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Joanne Jaworski is a True Authentic Power Success Coach. Her specialty is educating and empowering clients by using their own energy and subconscious mind (without hypnosis), to release negative beliefs and emotions that were formed usually very early in life. Joanne did not go looking for this career. Instead it found her!

Joanne spent 15 successful years in corporate sales working with national accounts, she studied with a Naturopathic Doctor, studied Herbology, took a certified Herbalist class, trained in the use of an Electro Dermal Screening device, is Reiki Level 1 Certified, and then became very proficient in Meridian Tapping. She has also explored or learned about magnets, BodyTalk, Healing Touch, Crystals, Essential Oils, Massage, and Acupuncture. In her experience and opinion, she saw Meridian Tapping produce the most amazing results and that became her new focus.