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Kate Landsberry

Narara, New South Wales, Australia
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Kate Landsberry is evidence that life can be vital and positive, despite 40 years of chronic illness and pain, and sees gratitude, optimism, creativity and humor as essential ingredients.

Kate works with clients individually and in groups to explore options, opportunities and outcomes in all areas of life. She encourages people to ‘live big,‘ to articulate and do their dreams, laugh often, love easily and opt out of judgment and criticism – especially of self.

She has most recently been working with Young Carers and Carers of those with dementia, people who so often lose themselves to the role of caring. Kate helps each person to pick up the threads of their own life and self, rediscover and value their unique gifts, and to begin to give back to themselves.

As a counsellor, trainer, art therapist, artist, writer and musician, Kate has a passion for helping others toward their potential, healing and the opportunity of a more fabulous life!