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Kevin Fream

Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA
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I am Kevin Fream, Matrixforce CEO and cyber security adviser who helps business owners and leadership teams to reduce technology complexity and avoid risk. Thank you for getting informed about current compliance penalties that impact the viability of virtually every business. More cyber security insights, tools, and downloads may be accessed at Cyberprey.com.

While finishing my Bachelor of Science in Management Information Systems from Tulsa University, I landed a paid internship with DuPont. That early experience with one of the most security conscious organizations in history allowed me to go on to work nationwide with Fortune 500 firms.

Along the way, I noticed the local marketplace was riddled with suspect capabilities, rude behavior, and relentless hourly billing. Mid-sized businesses of $5 million to $150 million in revenues seemed to be particularly underserved and mistreated. So, I decided on a simple customer service strategy:

1) Assume the risk for customers by offering flat cost and demonstrating business justification. No one would be compensated for billable hours or selling products.
2) Train staff on rules of engagement and how to talk with customers in simple language, so they could understand and control outcomes for information technology.
3) Specialize in Microsoft productivity and security solutions for annually audited expertise.

Twenty years later, Matrixforce has saved clients collectively over $500 million on technology services and products and we are a top 100 Microsoft Gold Cloud Partner.