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Lacy Taylor

Goleta, California, USA

Bestseller Status: Confirmed

When the Taylor‘s eight-year-old son contracted an aggressive form of cancer, Burkitt‘s Lymphoma, it turned the family upside down on every front.

“After doing a CT scan, the doctor came in and said that Wyatt definitely had cancer. Best case, it would be a lymphoma, but it could also be a neuroblastoma, to stay off the Internet, and they would do a biopsy the next morning and confirm the type of cancer and the plan to work that out. I think that was the hardest 24 hours in my entire life waiting for that. One of them had an 85% cure rate, and the other one about a 15% cure rate.

That was the same day I found out I was pregnant with my daughter. It was a rough 24 hours there. Luckily it turned out it was the lymphoma, and they started treating him immediately.

We got the diagnosis and the confirmation that it was Burkitt’s. We were in the room with the doctor getting a diagnosis, and at that moment, Wyatt was starting treatment in the other room, because it was such a rapid progression that we did not have any time to waste. He was being treated the same time we were being told what it was that he had.” ~ Lacy Taylor