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Luz Delia Gerber

Carlsbad, California, USA
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Luz Delia Gerber is the Founder and CEO Body Systems Design, Inc.: a company driven to help people from all walks of life achieve transformational healing, inspired balance, optimal homeostasis, and lasting Well-Being that “Awakens the Divine Within.”

For over 25 years, Luz Delia has been at the forefront of transformational change and uniquely attuned to Universal Well-Being. She has been recognized and featured numerous times in print, on TV and online.

In addition to executive coaching and consulting, Luz Delia is also sought-after keynote speaker who, together with mentor and husband Michael E. Gerber, is known for her natural storytelling talent, and ability to inspire any and every audience — from c-level executives of major multinational corporations striving take their organizations to the next level, to marginalized individuals and groups seeking clarity, guidance and empowerment.

As a leader, business owner, Well-Being Mentor and – most importantly – a Well-Being Practitioner, Luz Delia’s message is unique and timely, and her insights are universal and more relevant in today’s world than ever before. Her flagship 12-part program is the “Dreaming Room for Well-Being.”

“The best advice I have, is that to truly experience transformational change, we must go within ourselves and experience inner quiet. This can be achieved through meditation, prayer, yoga, or other methods. Personally, my daily prayer is, Mighty God, tell me what to do, show me how to do it, and connect me with those who will get it done.” Luz Delia Gerber