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Maryann Candito

Yachats, Oregon, USA
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Maryann Candito is an Inspirational Speaker, Spirit Mentor and Empowerment coach. She works with women who have a dream and burning desire to make an impact in the world, but who feel stuck on their path. She helps them gain crystal clarity through her training as an Akashic Records Consultant. Maryann also helps them break down the blocks and resistance that stand in their way so they can confidently own their feminine power and brilliance, live their dream authentically, and change their world with passion and heart.

An animal-loving vegetarian foodie, post-menopausal feminist, Maryann is a total band geek. She spends her free time exploring new places with her husband, hosting game night potlucks with friends, walking in nature, snuggling with the furbabies of the house, vacationing with her son, painting rocks, and playing her clarinet in a local community band.

Originally from upstate New York, Maryann now lives with her husband, Dana, and their two dogs and six cats, on the breathtaking Oregon Coast.

If you’re tired of the status quo, have had it with playing small and are ready to rise up, ignite your feminine power and live your life and soul’s mission like a rock star, visit Maryann’s website.