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Michael Charest

Kansas City, Kansas, USA
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Michael Charest is a twelve-year veteran business coach, consultant, author, and speaker. He is President of Business Growth Solutions, a company that specializes in helping solo and micro businesses attract more clients, grow their business, and live the prosperous life they deserve. To date, thousands of business owners have grown as a result of Michael’s live seminars, teleprograms, audio products, books, and workbooks.

Michael held senior management positions with both Embassy Suites and American Golf Corporation, then founded two successful companies: Coach and Grow Rich and Business Growth Solutions. He understands firsthand the struggles of the small business owner.

Michael’s current speaking program allows him to share his knowledge and experience in starting a business and surviving in business as well as how to sell and market yourself and your products in a successful, nonstressful, and fun way.

In addition to training and speaking, Michael wrote and published From Grunt to Greatness: A Different Kind of Self-Help Book in October 2005, a humorous but hard-hitting lesson on loving ourselves now and enjoying the journey as we pursue our personal best.

Michael’s passion is writing and speaking. He travels throughout the United States and internationally, delivering high-energy, educational, inspirational, and humorous talks.